anonymous asked: Here’s a hypothetical scenario. Brother Brothers has been accepted as an official mlp episode! But oh no! It’s too long to have every scene. Which scenes would you have cut?

((Most likely the beginning chapter and the epilogue; it’d likely be framed as a Pinkie episode, despite it being technically about Cheese and Tomato Sandwich, so we start with Pinkie and friends planning the Fall Festival when Cheese arrives.

Some other scenes would have to be compressed into musical numbers, which would end up making Brother Bothers a musical episode (well, why not, we gotta have Weird Al singing XD). Starting the fall festival could be a song, ending with Cheese crashing into Tomato; the mishap montage would be a song; Cheese and Tomato reflecting over their colthood (while they’re separate) would be a song; and obviously, the Polka Quarrel would be the climactic song. Don’t know if the forgiveness scene would be one.

A couple of useless scenes, like Cheese talking to the CMC, Tomato’s scene with Sweetie Belle, and the extension of the cake scene could also be cut.

As long as the conflict and it’s complicated nature is kept intact.))


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