Happy Father’s Day, Peoples!

Since Bell Pepper has a confirmed father instead of a roster of possible fathers (the sad thing about the situation with the whole roster of possible mothers thing–I can’t show proper bonding without feeling bad), we’ll have some cuteness with her and proud papa Tomato. 

Tomato meeting his daughter for the first time. 

Yes, Tommy, you helped your wife make that. 


He had to take her to work that day. Coworkers adored her. 

Also, his tail makes a convenient foal carrier. XD


Small children, always fascinated by the strange things you wear (or in my case this one time, my nose). XP One of these days, I gotta draw baby Bell pulling Tomato’s forelock to see the hilarious results. 

She’s close enough for him to see, no worries. 


The first picture I ever drew of Bell Pepper was something similar to this. It all came about of me being curious about Tomato as a father, and then I went overboard with the character of the baby (as I always do). 

Any both of these fruits (yep, bell peppers are fruit) need to take naps every once in a while. Sweet dreams, you two. 


Tomato likes kids, but he couldn’t really envision himself as ever being a good father. So far, baby Bell seems to think he’s doing a good job. 


That baby is really bringing out his affectionate side. 

One of these days, I better draw Tommy dealing with the more frustrating parts of parenthood, whether it’d be baby Bell keeping him up at night or puking on him or older Bell being stubborn or getting in trouble for fighting somepony. 

But, for now, cuteness!


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