I found it quite amusing how anon was going on about Tommy’s parents being horrid. They are, but man I’ve written way worse for Cheese’s parents. Like seriously, how would Tommy have turned out with Storm Scribe and Starlight raising him? O.O

((My guess is that Tommy would’ve suspiciously died in infancy, as one earth pony is bad enough, but two?! How embarrassing for a big important businessunicorn and his unicorn model wife to have borne two mudhorses! Dispose of the younger one before anyone finds out of their doubled misfortune!

But, assuming Tommy lived, Cheese would have probably been his shield until running off. And then he ends up even worse than we see him under M&HB, being this super harsh and super cruel pony who would definitely do underhanded garbage when somepony crossed him–and he’d possibly be greedy in order to fill his loveless void (and I’ve made it a point to avoid the flaw of greediness when developing Tommy). 

Yeesh, Mozzarella was at least keeping her sons healthy and trying to help them grow into strong and proud stallions–though her tendency to take her faults (too hot or too cold temper, bossiness, narrow-minded view of success, lack of self-awareness) a little too far hindered that. Like, if her faults were toned down and she’d lighten up, she’d actually be a decent pony. But, alas…

And Hay Burger? Had he not distanced himself and instead grew a backbone he’d probably be a pretty good dad. 

But, you know how they are now, and thus, they’re, to say the least, subpar parents compared to, say, Flora’s parents.))


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