(Hello Mun. I’m a new fan to your series. I love your Fanfics and Tomato is so kawaii! What I don’t like are Cheese and Tomatos’s parents. This is either going to come across as a compliment or an insult but they’re horrible parents! And by they, I mean Mozzarella! She’s a horrid stuck-up brat who clearly needs help. I blame her for why Cheese and Tomato had the feud in the first place. I hope she gets redemmed soon. Or gets a good dose of karma. Anyway, love your fics)

((D’aww, I’m always happy to meet new fans! ^^ Granted, this is the site where I usually reply to any comments anyway (forgive me, I’m kinda shy).

It’s a given that not very many people like the Sandwich parents–after all, with the fussiest and naggiest mother on the planet and super distant father, our poor boys were miserable (let’s not even get into the bullies, Cheese’s jealousy, and Tomato’s abandonment issues). 

However, they are characters I like to dive into from time to time and roll ideas about their backstories around in my head. I have a tendency to want to give characters depth (I ask myself too many questions, and I really hate going for cliche stereotypes). 

Anyway, thanks! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them, and there’s more on the way! :D))


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