Young Single Adult OC Ponies


I’m just having a little fun putting up some profiles on them and deciding who would be shipped with who (whether with another pony on this list or, dare I say it, a canon character) in my ‘verse. Because Valentine’s Day. 

Let’s take a look, shall we?



~Young stallion with a chipper attitude. Has great strength
at his disposal, as well as some minor reality bending abilities. Always eager
to make someone happy, and insanely creative. Loves his friends and family
dearly, and is very protective of them.

~Has a tendency for teasing others, and sometimes doesn’t
get when he’s being annoying. Can be rather loud and obnoxious at times, and
gets rather drill sergeant-like when angered. Is highly nervous around trains,
and veers into overprotectiveness when his younger siblings play near a


Black Diamond

~Young, hardy stallion with a vast knowledge of geology. A
very honest pony, and possesses great courage and strength. Quite athletic,
doesn’t mind the cold, has a keen eye, and willing to jump into action should
something go wrong.

~Tends to be moody, reserved, and a bit dramatic. Doesn’t
like other ponies very much (a lot of ponies annoy him very easily), his
honesty veers into harsh bluntness at times, and he has a bit of a tendency to
be dirty.



~Young unicorn stallion with keen observation skills and an
endless amount of curiosity. Friendly, very loyal to friends and family, fairly
good writer, and enjoys conversation. Steadfast and patient, can handle any
kind of personality thrown at him. Even the most vicious of personalities can’t
shake him.  Telekinesis is fairly strong,
with him being able to lift a full-grown pony—and he’s getting stronger.

~Rather stubborn, doesn’t like budging on his opinions. Can
be a little nosy and scrounging around for information of what he wants to
know. Has a terrible fear of heights, and rather sensitive about anything
relating to his father’s death. Has no patience for stupidity and veers into
sarcasm at times.


Carpet Burn

~Young stallion with a work ethic and an appreciation for
art. Has a keen eye and can perform meticulous tasks with amazing precision.
Very good at his carpet cleaning job and is responsible when it comes to it.
Has a sense of humor and is quite street smart.

~Can be rather callous and sarcastic, and is not fond of
dealing with emotional stuff. It’s hard to get him to crack a smile, and he
doesn’t like other ponies very much, thinking that everypony is an idiot.
Rather would just do business and move on.



~Young pegasus mare with a love of the arts, especially
theater. Fun and energetic, with a wry sense of humor and eagerness to include
others. Close with her family and friends, a brilliant actress, and a powerful
singer. Flying is decent enough to put on an amazing show.

~Has a penchant for teasing, rather sassy, and kind of
insensitive. Can be grabby, and often pressuring others to do things they don’t
want to do. Allergic to several species of animal, hates bugs, and has little
patience for wimps.


Comedy Gold

~Young mare with a zest for life and a desire to see
everypony having fun. Brave and willing to get her hooves dirty in order to get
a job done, and is not very fond of others lying to get their way. Is very
close to her family and willing to stand up for them. Minor reality bending
powers in order to achieve goals.

~Very stubborn with a fiery temper. Does not like being
shown up; she’ll fight you before you steal her spotlight. Has a tendency to be
reckless and not think things through, and has almost killed herself multiple
times because of it. Could be considered one of the more selfish party ponies.



~Young stallion with a great drive to get what he desires.
Very strong and athletic, willing to overcome any obstacle in order to achieve
a goal. Competes in rodeos, and likes to grab any opportunity for him to be
better at them. Hard worker, and can be quite charismatic when he needs to be.

~Can be quite the grumpy, egotistical jerk. Tends to get clingy
with friends and lovers, and is rather oversensitive, jumping the gun when somepony
offends him. Can be dishonest and sneaky, slipping in and out of trouble with
nopony noticing. Despite being an Apple, he keeps his family at arm’s length,
thinking they’d be nosy.


Crème Brulee

~Lovely young mare with a wondrous sense of style and a
beautiful singing voice. Can weave her way in and out of any situation, showing
a great charisma and knowledge of how ponies work. Can and will find ways to
make an event go a certain way. Very much enjoys cleanliness, organization, and
fancy stuff.

~Snobbish and condescending, often shallow in the ways she
judges other ponies. She has often weaseled her way out of trouble, and can be
quite manipulative. Often putting effort in screwing over those she doesn’t
like, often those she deems ‘filthy’. Pretty lazy when it comes to academics or


Flora Peace

~Lovely young mare with a wondrous appreciation for life and
a beautiful desire to help others. Can stand firm and fight (both literally and
figuratively) in any situation, showing a great charisma and faith in another
pony’s goodness. Can and will find ways to help a pony feel at peace and be
happy. Very much enjoys meditation and exploration in the mountains, and is
very close to and protective of her family.

~Has a bit of a tendency to be uppity and self-righteous,
and can be pretty stubborn and rather sarcastic. Has a fiery temper, and
crossing her will result in either a drill sergeant or martial arts master
ready to destroy you. She’s pretty picky about who to date and how her dream
guy is, even if her eventual (imperfect) husband would be literally staring her
in the face.



~Young stallion who is one of the calmest dudes you’ll ever
meet. Being an easygoing guy, it’s hard to cross him, and he’s willing to share
with you all the things he loves. Living in a nature lovers commune gives him a
way to show you the beauty of the earth firsthand. He’ll express his desire to
preserve nature from those who’d destroy it for selfish purposes.

~Is rather blunt and doesn’t really consider others’ points
of view, despite claiming to be open-minded. His mannerisms sometimes skirt the
line of passive-aggressive, and he’s not all that fond of authority figures.
Was not a good babysitter for his sisters, not wanting to interfere with their
activities (no matter how dangerous) because “they need to find their own


Herald Angel

~Young pegasus stallion with a singing voice and personality
that matches his name. He’s a very sweet and respectful stallion. He’s polite,
always making room for others and making sure they have their fill to eat
before he goes in. A very curious and gentle soul, happy to let little kids
crawl all over him and to give a hug to a sorrowful friend.

~Is terribly shy, with some of his politeness actually being
more of him being a pushover. Not often able to get a word in and argue, and
has been ridiculed for being a sissy. Is unsure of what he wants in life, and
just lets life blow him wherever direction it takes him, for better or for


Ice Cream

~Young mare with a vitality for life and a sweet tooth. Very
knowledgeable in nutrition and diets, especially when it comes to dairy. Has a
girlish excitability that crops up whenever she’s complimented. A very kind and
resourceful mare. Holds a deep love of her family, and is often bringing her
older brother Peanut Butter back down to earth.

~Has little patience for stupidity and arrogance, and tends
to be cold when she’s angry. Is considered strange due to her preference of
friendships with cattle and her hyper-prehensile tail. Tends to be airheaded
and forgetful, with her mind usually going back to the dairy farm and her cow
friends. Has forgotten she is a horse and mooed at dates more than once.


Jumbo Thumbo

~A relaxed and sensitive young stallion, with a twinkle in
his eye and a wry sense of humor. Has a strange ability to detect every
restaurant in every city he goes to, keeping the tastes of any friends or dates
he may bring in mind. Has an infectious laugh that has everypony laughing along
with him.

~Is rather insecure about his weight, and any mention of it
will put him straight into wrestler mode. Is not very good emotional support,
thinking more of who’s having fun rather than who needs some help.


Kazam Rune

~Young unicorn stallion with loads of ambition. With a fine
combination of intelligence and curiosity, this stallion has a lot of charisma.
Always playing it cool, having intense focus on his tasks, and wanting to
thrill other ponies with his incredible magic ability have made him popular
among many ponies.

~Is very arrogant and doesn’t care much for other ponies.
Has sadistic and psychopathic tendencies. Dabbling in dark magic and being
corrupted by it will do that to a pony. There’s a reason he’s in jail.


Mustard Squirt Bottle

~Shows capability of charisma and leadership abilities,
getting other ponies to bow to his whims at any time, including his parents.
Always looking for great examples to emulate, and quite street smart. He’s also
a great cook.

~Obnoxious jerk that tries way too hard to be cool. Doesn’t
care much for relationships on a personal level—more of what kind of fun or
material things he could get from the relationship. Can be considered a very
shallow and selfish pony. Also kind of lazy and unambitious, so he didn’t get



~Young and strong pegasus stallion dedicated to making
others laugh. Fun and outgoing theater nerd, always inviting other ponies to
come join him in any activity. Talented and flexible actor, and an accomplished
singer to boot. A combination of sweet and funny make him a joy to be around, and
he shows curiosity in many things, especially botany and zoology. Very
protective of his twin sister, Cirrus—hurting her will result in him putting
his boxing lessons to good use.

~Tends to be rather childish, not taking things seriously
all that often, and more focused on finding a silver lining than directly
solving the problem. His cheerful naivety can be rather irritating, and sometimes
he comes off as stupid. Ponies have a hard time taking him seriously.


Pearly Whites

~A caring and responsible mare. Always emphasizes the
importance of being neat and tidy, especially in dental care. Willing to teach
others how to do tasks, and is generally very excitable and supportive. Very
organized and meticulous, making sure everything is in their proper place. Is
very good at keeping track of items, whether her own or somepony else’s.

~Extremely fussy and not tolerant of messes. Has a breakdown
whenever somepony messes up her organization and makes a mess. Always has to
disinfect everything, and is generally uncomfortable with even a speck of dust
on her person. Tends to be kind of jumpy and hates loud noises and animals.


Silk Shimmer

~Beautiful unicorn mare that’s magically talented. A sweet
and helpful pony willing to help a pony accomplish a task. If she does
something wrong, she’s quick to make up for it, and she’s a firm and loyal
friend. Has a sense of humor and a desire to keep the peace.

~Tends to be kind of gullible, not exactly seeing beyond the
surface of one’s intentions. Has a habit of being the butt of jokes and falling
for a trap. Often bites off more than she can chew, and is rather
underconfident because of it. Can be petty when angry.


Summer Wind

~Young pegasus mare with a thirst for knowledge and desire
to spread it. Is very cheerful and loving, willing to share anything she knows
or possesses. Loves making new friends, especially with curious children. Is
generally very helpful and eager to serve those in need.

~Tends to be rather nosy, and often pesters ponies she wants
to know more about. Not very socially adept with her own age group and can be
pretty scary when she’s angry. Has a bit of an uppity activist streak that gets
on ponies’ nerves rather quickly.


Tomato Sandwich

~Well-dressed young stallion with a quick wit arising from
his seemingly professional demeanor. Behaves in a reserved and polite manner,
though conceals a much more enthusiastic nature underneath. Possesses a kind
heart and a willingness to help others in any way he knows how. Quite frugal
and sensible, always trying his best to think ahead. Can often be seen with his
muzzle in a book.

~Very grouchy, prone to sarcasm, and highly insecure. Has a
good deal of self-loathing and anxiety, and always trying too hard to be
perfect. Impulsiveness crops up from time to time, particularly when he’s
excited or angry. Fickle about whether he’s being clingy or keeping loved ones


Winter Mist

~Reserved mare with a great resistance to the cold. Is very
observant and has a keen eye that can see for miles. She’s quick to action and
ready to face danger head on. One of the most unshakable and honest ponies
you’d ever meet. Fairly loyal and protective to those she loves.

~Arrogant and sarcastic. Rolling her eyes at everypony who
dares to complain about winter. Honesty veers into harsh bluntness at times,
and gets rather annoyed easily. Does not like party ponies very much,
especially since she grew up with one as her neighbor.

If you would like to know more, feel free to look around my blogs @cyndalyssa and @tommysandwich, on my FIMfiction, my DA gallery, or you can just ask.

Of course, given the whole ‘shipping potion’ debacle going on right now, Flora and Tomato are kinda sorta off the list for the time being…


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