Birthday Bio: Bluejinx

New Year means new opportunities, and this year, I’ve decided to do little birthday things for the characters, starting with Bluejinx, whose birthday I’ve designated to be January 2nd. 

Bluejinx was first created as a designless friend of Tomato Sandwich, appearing alongside a few others in the fan fiction It Broke the Camel’s Back

His second appearance was in The Rock Farmer’s Daughters, where he received a design, an actual personality, and had a significant role in the story.

He’s also appeared in Brother Bothers and Brotherly Bonding Time, but he didn’t have much of a role in the former beyond “Tomato’s friend who conveniently has a cousin in Ponyville”. The latter gave a bit of his family history in the Nickerlite segment.

And now, history below:

Born in the small town of Nickerlite, Bluejinx is the son of former rogue Jasper Horseshoe and part-time poetess Violet Verses. As a little colt, he was painfully shy, not willing to venture out beyond his own house unless one of his parents or his aunt was with him. He had some unpleasant experiences when venturing out onto the streets, such as witnessing Limestone Pie on a bad day, or getting picked on by Cortland Apple, so those didn’t help his case. 

When he was five, his father had died. He didn’t quite understand it at the time, so he was upset when his mother moved out of Nickerlite, worried his dad would come home to find nopony there. While he did love his grandma Navy Stardust and liked the idea of living with her in Manehattan, he was still worried that Dad would be lost because they didn’t leave directions to their new home. 

His first day of school, he had barely walked a few steps into the schoolyard when he was greeted by a hyperactive colt named Tomato Sandwich. While the friendly Tommy did scare him at first, he soon warmed up to the cheerful demeanor and the two became friends. Sticking with Tomato had Bluejinx introduced to other ponies that became friends as well, and Bluejinx was amazed at how great friendship was.

While everypony else just liked Tomato for being a fun, nice, and imaginative colt that always came up with new games to play, Bluejinx was starting to think of Tomato as a brother–especially after Bluejinx came to terms with his father’s death, and Tommy was there to comfort him. 

However, in meeting Tomato’s older brother Cheese, Bluejinx was not very impressed. While he could sympathize with the shyness, Tomato’s worship of Cheese was rather annoying for Bluejinx and some of the other foals that only knew Cheese as that “one weirdo that hides all the time”. While Tomato kept touting Cheese’s talents that were never shown to anypony else, Bluejinx just wanted to tell Tommy that nopony really cared, though he kept his mouth shut, not wanting to hurt Tomato’s feelings.

A few friends drifted away and hung out with other ponies, but Bluejinx stayed with Tomato, doubting his own abilities to make friends. However, in the process, the two ended up sticking with a few of the bad eggs in their class. Bluejinx had developed a bit of a mean streak when hanging out with those kids, even saying mean things about Cheese behind Tomato’s back, one thing being said when a depressed Cheese was in earshot. 

Bluejinx stopped this behavior when Tomato was going through grief over Cheese running away. When everypony else was fed up over Tommy caring more for his dumb brother than everypony else’s pleasure, they turned against him, and Bluejinx watched as they laughed at Tomato’s emotional breakdown. The moment the others turned their back on Tomato, Bluejinx decided to carry him to the teacher and help clean him up. 

Realizing how much Cheese meant to Tomato, he had vowed never to judge a book by its cover again, and decided to learn more about things beyond first glance. He found himself enjoying writing essays, an assignment he detested because everypony else did. He kept a keen eye out for anything unusual, including Cheese as he promised Tomato he would. And he paid attention to minor behaviors of some ponies to try to read their intentions. 

Not wanting to be observant for nothing, he joined the school newspaper, where he reported on anything he saw. Noticing that lunches were being stolen, he and another colt performed a stakeout and caught the culprit. In writing the story on it, Bluejinx earned his newspaper cutie mark. With glee, he continued to develop his talent.

He found himself having to balance his friends and talents in the newspaper and being the only constant emotional support that Tomato had. Bluejinx was there to see his friend’s ups and downs. He rejoiced at the steps forward, like when Tomato earned his cutie mark or when he got a job. And he had to make sure the steps back (fight with Cheese, bookstore closing, humiliation from Creme Brulee) didn’t drive Tomato to do anything drastic. Multiple times, Bluejinx has had to grab him with his magic to keep him from those actions that could have ended tragically, wondering why he had to do this and what was wrong with Tomato’s parents. 

College was the thing that allowed him to step back and let somepony else take over in being Tomato’s support. He was happy to meet and befriend Flora Peace, and later on, Cirrus and Nimbus. The group all ate lunch together and chatted, and often hung out when they were all free from schoolwork and other duties.

Bluejinx’s burden was relieved even more once Tomato reconciled with Cheese. Still, the two are still good friends, and Bluejinx started a friendship with Cheese as well, feeling guilty for having scorned him in youth. 

Bluejinx works in Nickerlite over the summer with his aunt Purple Prose, helping her with the local newspaper there. Bluejinx takes each opportunity to go out and explore the town and surrounding area, though he’s wary of the mountains, given that his father died there. He has tried to befriend the Pies, but they’re not very interested in him, especially Limestone, who gets annoyed with how nosy he is. He’s not as scared of her as he was in foalhood, but he finds her grouchiness irritating as well.  

All in all, Bluejinx is an inquisitive, observant, and loyal friend, a guy who wants to learn more about the world, and is a very stubborn and patient soul. He’s not considered the most interesting guy in the world, but he’s content in being an anchor for his more quirky friends.


He’ll be the first of his friends to marry and have kids. His firstborn son is going to be named Jasper, after Bluejinx’s father. 

He’ll continue a humble newspaper career in Nickerlite. He’ll also travel around a bit to get some stories from other parts in Equestria. 

He’s totally going to grow a mustache. 


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