Pony OC Cutie Marks


Fair warning, I made more OCs, so I apologize if you’re confused by the new ones. Especially since I haven’t drawn a couple of them yet.

Anyway, I thought I’d bring about some a handy reference for their cutie marks (mostly for me, in case I lose my files). Some cutie marks were a bit obscure or turned all topsy turvy in my OC pics, so I thought I’d do a little correction here. 

-Acorn Compound, Alfalfa, Alta, Amber Waves, Ash Tree

-Balloon Buddy, Bananas, Beans, Bell Pepper, Berry Blast

-Black Diamond, Blazing Silver, Blossom, Blue Square, Bluejinx

-Bubblegum, Butterscotch, Carpet Burn, Cheesecake Chase, Cirrus

-Cocoa Butter, Comedy Gold, Cortland, Creme Brulee, Cucumber Melon (grandmother, not hypothetical foal)

-Fair Game, Fallow Track, Flora Peace, Flower Power, Fudge Fondue

-Grapvine, Green Circle, Haralson, Hay Burger, Honeydew

-Honeysuckle, Ice Cream, Idared, Jamboree Rune, Jasmine Flower

-Jasper Horseshoe, Jumbo Thumbo, Kazam Rune, Kernel Grin, Lemon Drop

-Lemon Lime, Macaroni, Madame Bookshelf, March Redwood, Merry Maykin

-Mozzarella, Mustard Squirt Bottle, Navy Stardust, Nimbus, Noble Metal

-Old Mare Lavender, Olive, Orchard Soil, Panini, Peanut Butter

-Pearly Whites, Peppermint Stride, Pizza Pockets (I), Pizza Pockets (II), Platinum Pen

-Powder Snow, Purple Prose, Quasar Rune, Raincloud, Rich Custard

-Riffraff, Roanie, Rocky Road, Saline, Saltworth

-Scribbles, Sedimentary Rock, Silk Shimmer, Stayman, Sugar Glider

-Summer Wind, Sunny Crystal, Tomato Sandwich, Violet Verses, Wayer Rune

-Wheat Harvest, Willow, Windswept Goldenmane, Wingspan, Winter Mist

Now, I should get to drawing the characters of Jamboree Rune, Saline, and Wheat Harvest soon. I also want to get to FIM-ified versions of some ponies from previous generations. And I might end up creating more OCs in the future. Man, I think I give myself too much to do.

If you want info on OCs you’re not familiar with, check this tag.


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