Hey mod I learned something when it comes to OCs and headcanon. Just because you chose a certain headcanon for a character does not in anyway reflect off the author. I like you can make a character be bitter towards twilight but it doesn’t mean you feel bitter towards her the character does. have you had anyone accusing you of thinking tommy’s actions were ok during the sibling rivalry

((I mainly choose headcanons for characters I like. The ones I don’t like, I prefer to just ignore. 

Plus, I just keep my feelings on a character separate from the story. If a character’s bitter towards another, I make sure that it makes sense within the story. I had to make sure that the reasons for both Cheese and Tomato being bitter toward each other during the feud were understandable.

Speaking of the feud…

No, nobody’s accused me of justifying Tomato’s part in the feud. Heck, Pinkie outright said in Brother Bothers that his grumpy-grumpypants attitude wasn’t helping anything, and he did end up with a broken foreleg for picking a fight with an increasingly unhinged Cheese. I think I got the message across quite clearly.)) 


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