Why are you calling it las haygus it’s las Pegasus not las haygus! Whoever said las haygus probably never watched the show. It’s las Pegasus! Not las haygus! Get it right!

((They only mentioned Los Pegasus once in the show, and they didn’t specify which city it was meant to represent in the show. Besides, the reason I don’t call Pony Vegas Las Pegasus…

It’s because the updated official map implies it’s Los Angeles, due to the spelling, proximity to the ocean, and the presence of Applewood. *coughHollywoodcough* Plus, Los Angeles means “The Angels”, and people often draw angels as winged humans–and pegasi are winged horses. So, Los Pegasus fits Los Angeles better based on these factors. 

Besides, the syllables don’t even fit Vegas. 

All of that is why I decided to change the city’s name in Brotherly Bonding Time, even though it was about twenty chapters that I had to deal with finding the word and changing it. I couldn’t change the cloud district part; but, who says that there can’t be more than one hybrid city? 

I’m going with what makes more sense. So there.))


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