Since tomorrow’s Halloween, I thought I’d go ahead and draw my little Dream Gremlin characters (they appeared in a couple of my MLP fanfics, both situations involving Luna). They do crazy dream magic that affects ponies in the waking world (control dreams, induce sleep, injury they get in a dream appears on body, death in dream means actual death, body swapping, etc.) So, to give them names:

Mara–Biggest and most powerful of the DG (deadly enough for Luna to imprison her); Female

Hatu–Beehive on head; Male

Alp–Water for hair; Male

Freddy–Fire for hair; Male

Piales–Red and Black streamers for hair; Male

Phoebe–Purple slime for hair; Female

Nue–Dark clouds for hair; Female

Jeanie–Bald; Female

Remy–Super Saiyan; Female

Incu–Head of dirty bubbles; Male

Succi–Head of dead leaves; Female

((Because these guys exist in the Tommyverse, I’m showing them to you.))


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