List of Semi-Official Hypothetical Foals

All right, I’m just doing this because I feel like it. Anyway…

First off, let me say that there’s only one official foal that Tomato will sire, who was designed to be the ship-neutral foal of this blog. 

That would be Bell Pepper. 

Although, it should be made clear that she’s NOT an only child. Look up “Saltworth” on the blog, since that’s the guy that mentions Bell has at least a sister. Who she is (and if there’s more) just depends on the mother.

When I say semi-official, I mean the hypotheticals that I ended up liking and automatically assigning a personality for them. While a lot of the hypothetical foals I draw are cute, I don’t really come up with personalities for them–they’re just a fun little exercise in designing ponies. 

So, let’s run down this list of hypotheticals… in alphabetical order of ship name.


In the universe where Tomato marries Cirrus, Bell Pepper is joined by Curtain Call and Encore. 

Curtain Call you know to be the mischievous, playful type. Encore, on the other hand, is someone who’s not putting up with anyone’s crap, and tends to be a little ornery. 


In the universe where Tomato marries Coco Pommel, Bell’s siblings are Woodnicker and Navy Curls. 

Woody is the quiet, imaginative artist who tends to be a little blunt. Meanwhile, Navy is kind of an airhead that likes pretty things. Good thing her Mom and brother can make pretty things.


Here in this universe, Tomato marries Flora. They have five foals because Flora wants a big family.

After Bell, there is Cucumber Melon, Forest March, Marigold, and Ketchup (yes, I redesigned the younger three since last time–their previous designs weren’t really to my liking. Granted, Ketchup only had a change of eye color).

Cucumber Melon (II) is whimsical and talkative, but also very perceptive and intelligent (much like Auntie Pinkie Pie). Forest is a more quiet and serious kind of character, with a love of being in the wilderness. Marigold is shy, but manages to be a ray of sunshine, and Ketchup… is very excitable and reckless.


In which we take a look at a ‘verse with a Rarity/Tomato marriage. 

I don’t see Rarity wanting very many, so, there’s only Bell and Ivory Heirloom. 

Ivory’s a complete sweetheart, who’s very quiet and demure, and wins ponies over with her absolute cuteness. However, beware of her tantrums: that girl can scream.


And here, we look at the universe where Tommy and Silk Shimmer married. Bell’s siblings here are Presto, Enigma Carmello, and Golden Jubilee. 

Presto is the cheerful and helpful friend that’s by your side in a millisecond if you’re hurt (physically or emotionally); Enigma is the intrepid mystery-solver; and Golden Jubilee always has a watchful eye, a beacon of light on her horn, and tattletale tendencies. 


In which Tomato marries a rock pun. No, wait, it’s a statue. No, wait, it’s a mud pie. Eh, whatever, I don’t care, let’s just get this over with.

In this universe, Bell has a pair of twin siblings named Kumato and Sandstone. They’re creepy. Kumato, the colt, likes to draw with chalk, eat sweets, and get into fights. Sandstone, the filly, likes pretty jewelry, singing, and playing in the mud. She’s also the more expressive twin.


Where Tomato marries the Princess of Friendship.

So, after Bell, there came Dawn Pages and Northern Lights. 

Dawn, while sassy and prefering to be alone, likes to tell stories. Northern Lights likes to imagine himself in adventures like he’s read and listened to in stories, and wants to go exploring someday. Unfortunately, he’s kind of a wimp.

There’s one for the Super Secret Ship, but I’m not going to risk revealing it and opening up the possibility of someone figuring it out.

So… yeah, feel free to theorize how each of the relationships happened, argue about which ship is better, and try to find the kiddos named after tomato cultivars (no, really, I did that). 


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