((Took me a week, but I finally finished the wedding pictures! Doesn’t it look like it was fun? XD

Braeburn and Trixie are there because they’re good friends of Cheese, the Our Town citizens are there because… Pinkie and Cheese invited party pony pals and encouraged them to bring guests (even they’re not shown, Comedy Gold and Bananas are there). And of course, family. ^^

Anyway, bonus round!

Double Diamond slips on cake with style (sort of).

Fluttershy: “Discord! That’s not nice!”

Oh, yeah, and the CMC are here too.

Rarity would hate the food fight for obvious reasons.

Older Cake Twins, feasting on cake under a table, shielded from the food fight.

If you want to add more scenes to this wedding, feel free to do so.))


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