And here’s post 800!

Here, I’m showing you my version of the Sandwich family tree. This thing wasn’t developed in the beginning, due to me wanting to let you guys have your own headcanons. But, the longer I was in this blog, the more I got into making up Cheese and Tomato’s family history, so they went from having unseen and unnamed parents to a bigger family tree. It was kind of fun. XP

By the way, each pony pictured is shown at the prime of their life. So, yeah, the grandparents are younger, and the kiddos are shown as adults. It’s why Rocky’s sporting a beard. XD

Anyway, each pony by number under the break:

1. Beans, Paternal Grandfather

2. Panini, Paternal Grandmother

3. Pizza Pockets I, Maternal Grandfather

4. Cucumber Melon, Maternal Grandmother

5. Acorn Compound, Uncle, Cocoa’s Husband

6. Cocoa Butter, Aunt, Hay Burger’s Sister

7. Hay Burger, Father

8. Mozzarella, Mother

9. Honeydew, Aunt, Mozzarella’s Sister 

Unknown Uncle and Unknown Cousin, Honeydew’s Husband and Foal

10. Peanut Butter, Cousin

11. Pinkie Pie, Cheese Sandwich’s wife

12. Cheese Sandwich

13. Tomato Sandwich

Tomato’s Unknown Wife

14. Ice Cream, Cousin

15. Pizza Pockets II, Cheese and Pinkie’s Firstborn Son

16. Fudge Fondue, Cheese and Pinkie’s First Daughter

17. Bell Pepper, Tomato’s Firstborn Daughter

Bell’s Hypothetical Siblings (number depends on who the mother is). No, she’s not an only child, she has at least one sibling.

18. Rocky Road, Cheese and Pinkie’s Second Son

19. Berry Blast, Cheese and Pinkie’s Youngest Son

20. Cheesecake Chase, Cheese and Pinkie’s Youngest Daughter


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