We don’t know very much about Hay Burger’s parents. What were they like?


Tomato: “Well, the reason you don’t know much is because I don’t really know much; Grandpa Beans and Grandma Panini died when I was still a baby. But, what I gleaned from my other grandparents (since they were friends, and Dad hardly talks to me):

Beans was the smooth-talking city slicker with attitude, and he didn’t like other ponies much, while Panini was this upbeat mare from the country, who was way too friendly and way too reckless. I have no idea how they fell in love.

They had a happy marriage with two foals. Beans played piano, Panini taught school, they loved Aunt Cocoa Butter and Dad, you get the idea.

Sometime after their youngest grandfoal (me) was born, Panini died in an accident, and a few weeks later, Beans’ heart gave out. I’m sad that I was too young to remember them, and Cheese’s memory of them is kind of fuzzy. I can tell they were good ponies, and I would have liked to know them.”


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