enderstine said:

 Who’s Mara?

((She’s a dream demon OC I’ve had Princess Luna battle in one story of mine. She’s a character that resides in the dreamscape, but wants to go out and see the waking world, as well as include her fellow dream gremlins (lesser dream demons). Only problem is that they’d be seriously disrupting ponies’ lives (if not killing them) to reach their goal. Luna currently has her imprisoned in a tucked away and dark corner of the dreamscape due in part of her being impossible to kill.

She has the powers of:

–Summoning your worst nightmare at will.

–Merging ponies’ dreams together to cause confusion of who’s dreaming of what… and whether or not they’re in the dreamscape or waking world.

–Making injuries or death apply to the waking world. If she’s around and you broke an arm in a dream, your arm’s going to be broken in the waking world.

–Extracting souls through dreams and trapping them in the dreamscape, effectively putting ponies in a coma. If a soul is not returned to its body within a certain time frame, the body will die.

         >Adding to the above, sometimes her kind use this power to make ponies swap bodies, just for laughs. Luna does not like it when they do that.

         >They also have powers of possessing bodies. However, usually pony bodies reject a soul not of their own kind while they’re still technically alive. A dream demon cannot possess a body unless it’s hovering near death and in tip top shape (because dream demon induced coma). That’s a problem for them because A) it’s a small window of opportunity, and B) Luna’s not going to let them wait around for that opportunity.

–Toxic magic, with Mara being the only dream demon to wield it. A magic of my own creation, a power that when it infects a pony, it corrupts their magic in one of three ways:

        >Small dose–Disrupts a pony’s special talent

        >Moderate dose–Screws up a pony’s natural tribe magic (Earth Ponies’ strength fluctuating/hooves end up killing plants; Unicorns unable to control telekinesis/cause explosions no matter what spell they try to cast; Pegasi have problems flying/weather they work on becomes destructive)

         >Large dose–Corrupts the magic to the point where it attacks the pony’s organs and systems and kills them from the inside. Painful process, not a good way to go. 

I’m sorry that this ended up so long, but the reason that Mara hasn’t been brought up in the blog before is that, well, she basically has pretty much nothing to do with Tomato’s life, and that last anon is the only one to bring her up. And you probably don’t follow my FIMfiction account, where I’ve mentioned her a couple times. 

That said, I do want to write a story where she comes back and causes trouble.))


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