Bell Pepper cutie mark? :)

All right, folks! 

This is post number 700, and thus I shall reveal Bell Pepper’s adult self (and of course, cutie mark) under the Read More…


Everybody, meet Officer Bell Pepper.

Yes, this was the very talent that I had pinned to her from the day she was created. Funny thing, I decided on her talent before I even decided her name!

She earned it when she was assigned to be the playground monitor at her school and made sure that all the other foals played nice. Her keen eye and no-nonsense attitude made her very effective at her job, and she’s made it clear that she does not tolerate bullies. Of course, she had to keep her own aggression in check so that she didn’t become a bully herself. She’s notably more cool and level-headed as a mare than when she was a filly. 

Yeah, this is her destiny. I think it suits her.


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