For some reason, I just wanted to draw Tomato’s group of friends as babies… with their parents… and in Tommy’s case, with big brother Cheese. 

So, on top we have Jasper Horseshoe and Violet Verses with baby Bluejinx. Yes, Bluejinx looks like a brown-eyed unicorn version of his dad (who you guys should know is deceased).

Then we have March Redwood and Honeysuckle with baby Flora. Seven more foals are going to follow that daughter of theirs.

Next up, there’s Blazing Silver and Raincloud with baby Cirrus and Nimbus. Former Wonderbolts who end up with twins that’ll have talents in theater.

And lastly, we have Mozzarella and Hay Burger with toddler Cheese and baby Tommy. Hoo boy, the drama that’s to come with this family…

Yeah, little baby ponies. They’re fun to draw. ^^


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