So nobody ask for a rule 63 of Tommy and you draw it but your restricted to drawing a dicord Tommy, why again?

((I drew r63 Tommy before I created the ask blog. During an ask hiatus (a period where I didn’t have any asks), I reblogged a few pieces of Tommy art, including that one, in order to keep the blog alive. 

Meanwhile, I came up with Discorded Tommy after the ask blog (around July I think), and by then, I was getting asks again, and thus I made myself busy with drawing them, while hoping somebody would ask that question. 

I have taken time off from the blog to draw my own thing, but those are pieces that I was sure that no one would ask me to draw. I was still certain that somebody would ask the discorded Tommy question because it’s a freakin’ obvious thing to ask!

I’m still miffed that it took so long to be asked, only prompted by equal Tommy.))


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