Hunger Games, Final Part


All right… we will now see who our winner will be!

Night 6


If you ship one of my OCs with my brother, YOU DIE. Besides, Banterneigh’s engaged to his girlfriend (and I’m thankful this is just a simulator).

Still… stupid simulator, argh…

Day 7


A whole lotta nothing… yay…

Night 7


Sandwich Dad has issues… O_O

Olive, Banterneigh… don’t dare each other to go swimming in that frozen lake. It could cost you your—oh, wait…

And so…


…I didn’t see that coming.

Huh, I guess he finally snapped. And I think I know where Cheese got his survival instincts from… geez, Louise…

Our placements…


So, we end this thing with a come-from-behind win, and I hope you enjoyed the show. Good night, everybody!

(Seriously… the Sandwich Dad?!)


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