Here, Tommy! Have a goldfish! They’re way easier than a puppy! *gives said goldfish in a bag and some fish food* You’re going to need to get the tank, though, I couldn’t find a good one.


Bluejinx: “I’m going to be blunt. Goldfish are terrible beginner pets. Take it from me, I’ve had plenty of those things. A dog is easier to keep alive!”

((Goldfish thrive in ponds and watering troughs—the latter I know for sure since we have horses and most of the goldfish we put in their water have survived. Contrast that with my sister’s goldfish, which all had died within a week in a bowl or tank.

So, yeah, I laugh at that statement of goldfish being easier to care for than a dog. Dogs are freaking easier to keep alive—they’re harder to ignore.)) 


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