This might sound callous, but I don’t care who Bell’s mother is. I’m just happy to see Tommy as a happy father. I think him and Cheese both deserve to have a wonderful family when they settle down, if they do. I don’t think there is anyone who’s “perfect” for anyone else. Tommy could love any number of mares who would love him back. The only reason Cheese and Pinkie are OTP is because they’re the first glimpse of functioning potential romance the cartoon had.

((You do not sound callous!

As long as the mare Tomato marries is a good and fair one, I don’t care either. Admittedly, despite my attempts to be neutral on all the ships suggested, I do lean toward a few because I like the mare, they’re cute, and I can see them working out well for both parties and Bell and whatever siblings she has. 

After the lousy family the Sandwiches came out of, it will be nice to see them break the cycle and not emulate the attitudes their parents had. 

*giggles* Yeah, CheesePie is the only ship I actively ship for that reason—their interactions were just too good to ignore the high shipping potential with them, even with someone normally not interested in shipping like me.))


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