Stuffy Stuff

((Good morning, everyone!  

It’s morning in my time zone, shut up.

So, since Valentine’s Day is three weeks away, I’m trying to plan in advance just what kind of thing that I should do with this blog for the holiday. I like to have fun with my holidays, like what I did with Halloween and Christmas. 

However, the original thing I had planned for this was the hypothetical foals, and, well, that leaked out too early. So, here are a few of my other ideas:

–Just go on like normal (blegh, no)

–Show you folks what Tommy would be like when he’s in love

–What will it look like when he finally kisses someone

–Tomato getting annoyed with floating hearts singing whenever he’s near a girl

–Come up a story about how Tomato and (insert pony here) could work as a couple. You’re going to have to help me with this one through submissions.

So… yeah, some silly ideas here, but they sure would be a lot of fun. I’d rather we just do one, but if you’d like to do more than one, just let me know. I feel like picking on Tommy about this subject. 

Also, some CheesePie if you patrons so wish. Because OTP. ;p ))


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