((Here’s a look at six different possible futures regarding offspring of Tomato Sandwich. Bell Pepper is in all of them. And none of these other foals can coexist in the same universe, unless Tommy was a playboy, which obviously, he’s not, so…

Possible Future #1: Flormato. Grumpy Bell Pepper alongside cheerful, quirky, and talkative Cucumber Melon. 

Possible Future #2: Cirromato. Hot-tempered Bell Pepper alongside the mischievous Curtain Call.

Possible Future #3: ToMaudo. Expressive Bell Pepper alongside emotionless Kumato and Sandstone.

Possible Future #4: Rarimato. Tomboy Bell Pepper alongside girly-girl Ivory Heirloom.

Possible Future #5: Cocomato. Loud and blunt Bell Pepper alongside quiet and imaginative Woodnicker.

Possible Future #6:  Twimato. Active Bell Pepper alongside studious Dawn Pages. 

Quite an neat experience, drawing all of these. ^^ Which one of these can you get behind?))


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