True there are a lot of get together cheesepie stories there are barely any that have them already married and such. I just read the sequel dont tell me ol tommy still holds a grudge against the almighty pink one for snapping him and crazy cheese boy back to their senses? cheese did learn from the best when it comes to zany tho….*sighs* hes dramatic that cheese is again he learned from the master er mistress.

((There seems to be a perception that a happily married couple is boring… I don’t think that at all, there are just writers who can’t make that work and have it be entertaining. 8/

Oh, Tommy’s still annoyed that there couldn’t have been a less painful way for that to happen—his foreleg did get fractured, after all. But Pinkie being a big factor in the rekindling of the Sandwich sibling bond and frequent contact with her—due to her being the only way he can send Cheese a letter—did soften him up to her (I just started, man, there is still more to come in later chapters). 

Yeah, I imagine Cheese as having been weird as a colt, but being inspired by Pinkie cranked that part of him way up high. XD))


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