Hey mod are you going to write cheesepie again? or was the rock farmers daughter a one time thing? but i almost died from squeeing when i saw the sequel for brother bothers was out.

((I have no good ideas for sequels of RFD. For now, it’ll serve as a good standalone story (although I’d like to write the Pies again). 

Should I write CheesePie in the main ‘verse, it’s more likely going to be focused on them being married—I actually find that more interesting than the “how they got there” thingamahoozy. Although I still want to see a story about a CheesePie wedding where Cheese’s parents and Pinkie’s parents absolutely despise each other and keep on clashing.

Maybe I’ll write that someday…

But in other news, sequel to Brother Bothers is under way! It’s called “Brotherly Bonding Time.”)) 


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