Tomato: “Say, why didn’t you ask them? I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to tell you.”

Bluejinx, Flora, Cirrus, and Nimbus: “Of course we will!”

Bluejinx: “In my days as a little blank flank, I was working for the school newspaper. Now, I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I was content with the silly stories of sports, gum incidents, and anonymous confessions of schoolyard crushes. 

However, a problem arose. Somepony was stealing the lunches from other foals, and he was very sneaky. So, in order to catch him, me and the photographer, Sneaky Shutter, had to be sneaky as well. So we were carefully concealed somewhere near the lunches, and since I had a very tempting meal of buttery mashed potatoes and a nice little cake, mine was the bait. 

And BAM! We caught a Mr. Greenfeather in the act, and me and Sneaky got that story out as fast as we could. Greenfeather had a few choice words for us–as well as Tomato, who always had to bring sauerkraut for lunch.

Tomato: "Hmph, Mom always made me bring it…”

Bluejinx: "And next thing I knew, I had a nice little newspaper on my flank! And there you have it, my cutie mark story.“

Cirrus: "Okay, now it’s Nimbus’ and my turn!”

Nimbus: “Say, did you know that our parents are retired Wonderbolts?”

Cirrus:“They don’t, Nimbus. Still, they retired because they got into a little accident.”

Nimbus: "And after that they fell in love, married, and had us!“

Cirrus: ”…eeyeah… anyway, they wanted to relive the glory days, but couldn’t thanks to the aforementioned accident. So, they expected us to become Wonderbolts.“

Nimbus: "I know I wasn’t interested. I didn’t think I was a good enough flier, and I tried that excuse multiple times to get out of training.”

Cirrus: “Yeah, we’re average fliers. The Wonderbolts sounded a little interesting to me, but I felt that my desire to perform was elsewhere…”

Nimbus: "One day, there were auditions for the Winter Twins, the story about a pair of twins born on Hearth’s Warming, and while one loves it, the other despised it, and hired a dark magician to get rid of the holiday, which ends up causing a disaster.“

Cirrus:"Interested, Nimbus and I auditioned for the main roles, and to our surprise, we got the parts. And let me tell you, I was a perfectly dramatic and serious Winterflower.”

Nimbus: "And I was a hilarious Winterjingle! The audience absolutely loved our performance. And so did fate, as we got our cutie marks the very first night.“

Cirrus: "Mom and Dad were disappointed at first, but eh, they got over it.”

Tomato: "More than I can say for my mom…“

Flora: "I guess I’m last.”


“So, when I was a little filly, my brother Bananas was the most annoying thing in the world. He was loud, obnoxious, bouncing off the walls, and always breaking my stuff! I’d often get so furious at him that I wished he’d just die. I thought I wouldn’t care. 

And then, one day, he was playing by the railroad in our town. I was supposed to watch him and Ash Tree like a good big sister while my parents took baby Olive to the doctor and my grandmother slept, but I didn’t care. After all, I hated him, and Ash was easy to look over, so I ignored Bananas while he played, reasoning Grandma would wake up to take care of him.

Of course, when he saw the train coming, he was smart enough to get off–but just our luck, the train derailed, and it was not a pretty sight. Grandma woke up, and she and I managed to get Ash away safely, but unfortunately, Bananas was injured in the accident, and he was unconscious when I found him.

Never had I been so upset in my life, and I was just sitting there, sobbing my eyes out until Bananas was removed and rushed to the hospital.

While his injuries healed, Bananas was not himself anymore, instead being a frightened and depressed wreck who was increasingly becoming more and more unhinged. I felt awful about the accident, and deemed myself a terrible sister. I wanted to make it up in any way I could. 

I went to the library to research ways to help my brother, and put those to work. At first they were crude, and frightened him even more at times. Still, even though he already was seeing ponies to help him, I was determined to help him. 

A few years passed by, and I steadily became a crutch for him. I’ve learned to be more patient and more understanding with him, and I allowed him to speak his troubles with me, come to my room when he had a nightmare, and he let me give him back rubs, do aromatherapy, and play with him from time to time. 

And then, one day, we were walking in the park when we spotted a botched birthday party where the clown had quit. Bananas didn’t hesitate to fill in for the clown and entertain the kids there. He was a riot with them, enough that I saw his cutie mark appear right before my eyes. 

And to my surprise, my cutie mark appeared on me as well. And from that day forward, I decided that it was my calling to help ponies like I helped my brother.”

Tomato: “…wow.”

Bluejinx, Cirrus, and Nimbus: “…..”

Flora: "He’s still nervous around trains, but Bananas is doing well.“


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