Hey Tommy have you met pinkie’s sisters? i think you’d like maud she’s a deadpan snarker like you :p


“Wait a minute, wait a minute…these girls are actually related to Pinkie? Apparently her color palette is rebellious.

Okay, I’ve actually gone on a date with Maud… eh, she’s okay…

Limestone has a bit of attitude and Marble’s a little shy. But they’re good ponies. They were at least polite to me about asking about Pinkie, Cheese, and the mistletoe…”

((I love how Tommy’s taller than all of them, and yet he’s younger than most of the Pies (Marble’s the only one he’s older than). XD

On another note, hopefully when that Pie Family episode comes around, Marble and Limestone don’t turn out to be Maud clones or interchangeable. Either one of those would seriously tick me off.))  


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