Hey mod what if I told you because of you now i ship flora/tommy they are so cute together! what would we call the ship? tomra? floramto? hmmm Also was is it intentional that made you made tommy and cheese like maud and pinkie? Because i sense some simlarties between the two pair of siblings. both are siblings of party planners both are deadpan snarkers and are serious about business and geology both are so adorable! squee!

((Well, Tommy and Flora are not officially lovers, they’re meant to be friends, but the ship was acknowledged long ago. 

Yeah, Tommy was a little inspired by Maud, although the “serious ponies with party pony siblings” thing was the only thing I intended for them to have in common. It was my goal to create the opposite of Cheese Sandwich without resorting to a r63 Maud.)) 


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