(+) to anything bad to happen to you at all, she passed for real life Tommy, she knows more than you and your brother can ever imagine, maybe before there were several dificulties in her life that she had to pass, giving her such a shape on her humor like she has now, no one borns wanting to be good or bad. Just remember that your mom loves you, she wants the best, to nothing bad happen to you. She may not show it in the bests ways but she surely do.


“Tell me, what makes you an expert on my own mother? From what I’ve heard Dad say, he couldn’t believe he married the schoolyard bully.

"If anything, motherhood was more of a burden to her than it was a blessing. Heck, she only wanted one foal; well, oops, I exist. And I bet she still wouldn’t be happy with her little ‘accident’ if it wasn’t for my grades and the cutie mark I earned. She’s made no secret that she’s disappointed in Cheese.

"So, yeah, she’s awful at this love thing—she didn’t even look like she was trying. Heck, the only one I even felt love from was Cheese—and I don’t get that anymore. 

"Sure, go ahead and tell me that she ‘loves me’, and she ‘wants the best’ and guess on whatever excuse she has for acting the way she does. I don’t give a flying feather about your preachiness.”

((Wow, I was not expecting to write a rant on Cheese and Tommy’s mother, courtesy of the latter. But yeah, my headcanon (and a couple others’) states that Cheese’s mom was a… not-very-motherly, overbearing nag. Yeah, neither of her sons really like her.

But on the upside… we now have the 199th and 200th post! 8D

…um, how should I celebrate? ^^;))


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