I truly don’t know. I love the idea of Tomato with Rarity, but that’s because she’s a romantic business-mare who’s had such bad luck in love. I think they have potential, although that’s no guarantee that they’d be together forever. Even so, it’s not as if either of them /need/ somepony else. :P :) Otherwise, I think single is good. He has a lot of baggage that needs unpacking, and there’s nothing wrong with being open to dating, without being desperate about it. <3

((Ah. I suppose a bunch of us just want Rarity to have a break when it comes to the romance department. Tommy actually does admire her; though I did leave it ambiguous as to whether or not he’s attracted to her. 

He is quite content being single. He’ll go on casual dates at somebody’s suggestion. This whole ‘shipping’ thing is just for fun to see who you people think would be a good match for him.))


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