Meet Tommy


“So, I see you’re visiting my blog. Don’t worry, I don’t bite… most of the time.

Go ahead, have a look around. Just don’t break anything.”

Character Info Below

Full Name: Tomato “Tommy” Matthew Sandwich

Birthday: March 5

Sex: Male

Coat Color: Vermilion (Red-Orange)

Mane Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Chartreuse Green

Cutie Mark: Tomato in the shape of a money bag

Special Talent: Handling finances/business affairs

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

As the second son born to Hay Burger and Mozzarella in Manehattan, his birth came with mixed reactions. His grandparents and brother welcomed him with open arms; his mother was disappointed that he wasn’t a filly, while his father was not too keen on having a second foal. Named for his reddish-orange coat and the “Sandwich” theme his parents had decided on, he swiftly become the apple of his older brother Cheese’s eye.

Growing up, Tommy was an active colt always seeking to have fun. Though Mom was a killjoy and Dad tended to try to ignore him, big brother Cheese was always happy to oblige, providing him with creative games and a playmate to share them with. Tommy was even happy to sing and dance whenever Cheese practiced his accordion. However, due to Tommy’s often reckless behavior, the older brother also had to keep him from killing himself, whether it was keeping him from running into the street, falling off a bridge or ferry, or being chased by a pack of dogs. Due to Cheese’s role as his playmate and protector, Tommy thought that his big brother was the coolest pony in the world.

When he started school, Tommy made friends quickly and easily, due to having a funny and charming personality coupled with his friendliness. However, it was during this time that he learned of Cheese’s painful shyness and the other foals’ low opinion of him. Thinking that it wouldn’t do, he tried unsuccessfully to get Cheese to socialize more and to show his friends that his big brother was really cool. It only served to alienate Cheese, who was dealing with a lot of stress from his shyness, bullying from others, and the nagging of their difficult-to-please mother.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Tommy also turned out to be quite book-smart, passing all his tests with relative ease and getting praise from almost every adult he knew. He was told that he was destined for greatness by his teachers, and was encouraged to keep up the good work.

Not even his nearsightedness could slow him down, and he often felt on top of the world when he thought of all the friends he had and how smart he was. Still, he thought that he wouldn’t feel complete until he was certain that he had his big brother’s approval. He was completely unaware of Cheese’s growing resentment of him, and continued to try to get Cheese to play whenever he had the free time.

He enjoyed parties, since he was always invited to them, and once decided to throw his own when he was home alone. Though it didn’t feel complete without Cheese, all went well until the other colts found Cheese’s accordion and attempted to play it, fought over it, and then accidentally destroyed it. Naturally, Cheese was upset when he found out about it, and then ran away from home, leaving a distraught Tommy heavy with guilt.

After a fallout with most of his friends over the accordion incident, Tommy had gone into a depression, finding himself with little emotional support, former friends making fun of him being a “crybaby”, and letting his grades slip. He touted himself as a horrible brother, and shut himself in his room, wishing that he could reverse time and keep his big bro.

After a couple of years, his mother suggested that he participate in his school’s fundraiser to shake off his melancholy state. While he initially refused, he eventually complied to stop her nagging. The plan went horribly right, as Tommy seemed to enjoy it more than anypony thought was possible, as he was chosen as the teacher’s helper, and as such, was taking his jobs of keeping his classmates in line during the fundraiser and his handling of the money they earned very seriously (some lingering anger towards them may have seeped through during that period, and he might have been relishing the power a little too much). As scary as the colt had been to the other foals, they admitted that the success of the fundraiser was largely in part to Tommy’s participation. As it turned out, he received his cutie mark during the fundraiser.

Though he was happy to have found his purpose in life, he was still sorrowful that his big brother couldn’t have been there to see it. However, Cheese soon came around to show his family what he had been doing, which to their surprise was party planning, sealed by his cutie mark. While Tommy was initially happy that Cheese returned, things quickly soured when Cheese ended up in an argument with their mother, and in a fit of rage, accused Tommy of ruining his life and verbally attacked his newly-earned cutie mark. Hurt from the scathing insult, Tommy’s idolization of Cheese shattered, and he angrily fought back. The brothers ended up parting bitterly.

Convinced that Cheese hated him, Tomato Sandwich tried to distance himself from anything that reminded him of his brother, instead going along with his mother’s ideas of what a proper stallion should be, even when it would end up causing him distress or suppressing some of his other interests such as singing. He damped down his lively personality in order to conform to his cutie mark (by adulthood, his naturally curly mane–sans the family forelock–was forced into straightness as a reflection of that), and avoided parties so that he wouldn’t have to be reminded of the pain. Soon enough, he found himself a shell of his former self.

Though he tries to pull off a serious and mature persona, the fact is that he’s still just a kid, and he could never truly tame the weirdness that’s a part of both Sandwich brothers (as represented by the single curled forelock that he cannot tame). He passes off as a normal pony most of the time, but the extreme prehensility and strength of his tail, occasional cartoonish actions, and extreme hyperactive and destructive reaction when he drinks coffee have not gone unnoticed.

Mozzarella goes into nagging overdrive with him out of fear that he’d end up like his brother. At best, Tomato’s annoyed; at worst, he goes into a mental breakdown that’ll activate his impulsive nature in one of the worst ways possible. If it weren’t for Bluejinx, the friend that stuck with him, Tomato’s story could have ended tragically.

Aside from Bluejinx, Tomato had trouble making and keeping friends throughout his adolescence. Most ended up being put off by his grumpiness or swayed by Tomato’s ex-friends into thinking he was a backstabber. One pegasus that he met while working at a bookstore, Summer Wind, was an exception on that count, but she ended up moving away after the bookstore went out of business, and they lost contact. It wasn’t until college that he made friends that he kept for more than a few months.

Aside from the bookstore, Tomato was also paid by Rich Custard to tutor his daughter Creme Brulee–whom Tomato had a crush on since he was six. Unfortunately, Creme, holding disdain for a colt of a lower class and seeing him as a threat to her status, set up a chain of events that both humiliated him and got him fired. Needless to say, Tomato hates her now.

Though he pretended that he hated his brother, the truth was that he desperately wanted to reconcile with Cheese. However, during the few times that Cheese would visit just to see how things have changed, bitterness over their argument would arise, and Tomato and Cheese would be cold toward each other, exchanging snide comments toward each other. Both were too proud and too afraid of being vulnerable to fix their relationship, and Tomato always kicked himself for not overcoming that.

However, recently, the two had reconciled, but not without some strife due to Pinkie Pie forcing them to have “brotherly bonding time” and nearly destroying any chance of them being best brother buddies again due to her aggressive methods and both brothers’ stubbornness. A broken stage, a shocked crowd, an angry Pinkie, and Tomato’s broken foreleg got Cheese to snap out of his destructive resentment, and he decided to approach Tomato gently and kindly. Cheese’s forgiveness got Tomato to let out his pent-up sadness over the feud, and apologize for the wrongs in their childhood. The two then teamed up to bake Pinkie a cake, and Pinkie Promised that they’d rebuild their relationship.

Although the feud had ended, Tomato still bears emotional scars from colthood and adolescence, as he still has a habit of missing his happy colt self, not being fully satisfied with his cutie mark, moments of fearing abandonment, imagining his mother disapproving of a fun thing he’s doing, and having episodes of moodiness.

He may seem awfully grumpy to most, but he really has a kind heart, and has made friends by going out of his way to help them. It’s a shame that a lot of ponies also hit his pet peeves, leading him to be quite annoyed with them. He’s prone to sarcasm because of it.

His singing voice is excellent according to a couple of his friends, but he refuses to sing for others since he is “not meant for entertainment”. His hair bristles when he gets angry, and it pops into its natural curls when he tugs at his forelock. He can often be seen reading a book, since he maintains a love of stories and a desire to explore the world. He’s also a good cook, and has a secret love for hackey-sack.

He’s currently in college, his studies mainly gearing toward business, though he’s fond of many other subjects. He tends to hang out with his inquisitive and loyal childhood friend Bluejinx, the sweet but fierce Flora Peace, and the theater duo of mischievous Cirrus and goofy Nimbus.

Eventually, he’ll marry and become the father of at least two foals (number depends on the mare he marries). His eldest would be a feisty but honorable filly named Bell Pepper, who he’ll share a loving relationship with, even when she inevitably gets in trouble and he has to scold her. Still, he’s promised himself that he’d be a better father than his own.

But for now, he’s busy mending fences with big brother Cheese.